The Wine Country Online

Musings from Sonoma County's Slow Food Conviviati

Winter 1999/2000


     This, the inaugural edition of magazine, is dedicated to all those folks who take the time to keep faith with tradition, to follow footsteps on paths familiar and well known.

     It is to my enormous satisfaction that some good folks follow that path out to the woodshed. They haul in the seasoned split oak, madrone, and eucalyptus to feed the fires that warm the bones of the winter wine-country picnicker.

     I follow with an introduction to some of our favorite firesides here in Sonoma County.

Acre Cafe & Lounge
420 Center St.
Healdsburg, CA
     Our friends at Acre have the fire going Wednesday through Saturday at 5:30 p.m. Expect good, creative cooking and a lively little bar.

George's Hideaway
18100 Hwy 116
Two miles west of Gurneville
     The Hideaway is a classic old roadhouse with a fantastic old fieldstone fireplace. The place is tucked into a grove of mighty old redwoods and across the road from the winter-raging Russian River. It's a great local haunt for a rainy day beer buzz!
Photo: Mission Inn
Sonoma County Mission Inn and Spa
18300 State Hwy 12
Boyes Hot Springs

     A very cozy retreat after a day exploring the east county wine roads. You can enjoy a drink from the bar and some very comfortable furniture.

Timber Cove Inn
21780 North Coast Hwy 1
     A lovely drive north of Jenner and the mouth of the Russian River. We love the bar at Timber Cove Inn after a day of tromping around the beach. They have a nice dining room, lodging, a super fireplace and a comical gang of raccoons that live on the property.