The Wine Country Online

Summer 2000
The Fig Edition

Welcome to issue number three and a sunny summer focus on the edible fig. As the spring gives way to long warm days when there is plenty of time in the evenings to picnic, we start watching the markets for the first fresh figs.

Mission Fig along the pathway at The Gardener, 516 Dry Creek Rd., Healdsburg, CA. "A great place to stop along the wine roads!"

Locally, in Sonoma County, figs are usually an incidental crop from trees sometimes well over one hundred years old. They came with the first Spanish and Mexican families and have handily outlasted their planters and a major change in government. Younger trees of numerous varieties came to this land later with the Italian families who added to the foundation of our agriculture-based economy.

A favorite fig tree: Italian honey figs at Dragonfly Garden, Healdsburg.  
I have a few favorite trees in the neighborhood that produce either early- or late-season crops. Here follows an introduction to a couple of them and an invitation for you to follow your hearts out into the countryside to find a few favorites of your own.

This quarterly online magazine of California food and wine arts will be published seasonally, posted on the solstices and equinoxes. We will introduce you year-round to the food and wine artisans, the picnics and the places which make Northern California wine country (and Sonoma County in particular) such a wonderful place to live and visit.

I intend for this fledgling publication to be a conversational and interactive journal of our lives and times in this most scenic and tasty part of the Golden State. It is to this end that I welcome your comments or contribution of words.


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