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Healdsburg Haiku
The Healdsburg Literary Arts Committee

Running Wolf Press, Healdsburg, CA 2000

Healdsburg Haiku is a simply bound poetic portrait of a community intimate with its seasons and soil. As a coöperative effort of nearly two dozen poets, it conveys a loving sense of place. The writers are generous with their spirit.

This little booklet is a wink and a smile, a blush and a giggle. You won't mistake it for an entrée. It is like (as the Japanese say) a zensai, an appetizer to be consumed with gusto.

Set upon the work with carefree abandon!

It is perfectly OK to revisit any page or verse. Return them to the mind's hungry tongue like a drop of red wine caught mid-drip upon the fingertips.


Healdsburg Haiku is available in North Bay area book stores, or may be ordered by mail from Toyon Books on the Plaza in Healdsburg. Proceeds from sale of the book will be donated to the Literary Arts Committee of the Healdsburg Arts Council.