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Art in the Garden

A Photo Essay by Todd Reed

Welcome to the garden installation of woodwork by Jordy Morgan and ceramic sculpture by Todd Reed and Nancy Morgan.


Redwood planter   dovetails and redwood accents
A ceramic sculpture stands watch over the proceedings
Classic shapes from Chinese history add interest
A classic Jordy Morgan bench, made with joinery techniques and reclaimed wood. Atop sits a Nancy Morgan fish pot
The shadows tell a story
Jordy's "Captive Heart," carved from a solid piece of fir, stands like a sentinel in the Shade Garden
An ancient birdbath adds vitality to a natural setting
Jordy Morgan makes fences, gates and trellises using only found redwood of interesting shape and character
The "dog handled urn" continues the installation theme
A variety of gates with bamboo accents. Fish pot by Nancy Morgan
(Contact Todd or Jordy at 707-857-1756.)