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Old olives at St. Clement

Fall 2001
Scenic North Bay Issue

Welcome to our eighth issue with an invitation to enjoy the beauty of neighboring Napa County. Napa shares the season's splendid Mediterranean light and the bounty of harvest so familiar to us lucky Sonomans. It is also the subject of the second book in my series of California Wine Country Travel Companions. Co-authored by Napa Valley author and winegrower Ken Stanton, Napa Valley Picnic will be out in the spring of 2002 from Bored Feet Press.

As I write this introduction to fall, the North Bay-area grape harvest is off to an early and promising start. Summer has been a marvel   cool mornings and sunny days. The vines are happy and this year's vintage is proceeding rapidly from the fields to the cellars. I am looking forward to winter and sampling the new wines from the barrel.

This quarterly online magazine of California food and wine arts will be published seasonally, posted on the solstices and equinoxes. We will introduce you year-round to the food and wine artisans, the picnics and the places which make Northern California wine country (and Sonoma County in particular) such a wonderful place to live and visit.

I intend for this fledgling publication to be a conversational and interactive journal of our lives and times in this most scenic and tasty part of the Golden State. It is to this end that I welcome your comments or contribution of words.


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Let's Talk Business!

With the publication of this eighth issue we are entering our third year of providing a conversational and casual portal to the life and flavor of California's Wine Country. We have also arrived at a point where I believe the magazine needs to begin a search for a partner, business or nonprofit organization that would be able to capitalize on these good beginnings.

Interested parties should feel free to contact me by phone or email.

Jack Burton