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Sign photo taken by Philip Greenspun for
Summer Color at the
Seattle Public Market

A Photo Essay by Jack Burton

Years ago, in 1974/75, I spent a desperate, underemployed, and ultimately fascinating winter living in downtown Seattle, Washington. The sad details of this low period   the $1.50-per-hour wage slavery in a lead foundry and the $3.65-per-night hotel room   have been largely overshadowed by the wonderful experience of having been able to live within the colorful other-world surrounding the Pike Place Public Market.

Nearly lost to redevelopment in the years just preceding my stay, the Public Market is now a venerable icon of what is right and good about American city life.

Early in the summer of 2001 I got a chance to revisit my old haunts and found things to be in lively good order! My little side trip to this world-class market started with a great train ride from Portland, Oregon's old Union Station.

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"Go By Train"   My trip begins at the gardens of Portland's Union Station
Welcome to Seattle's Pike Place Market
"When the tide is out, the table is set!"
Amazing red, amazingly fresh fish
Bounty of sea and sound side by side
The market's motto of "Meet the Producer" could mean more to today's youth
Orchards picked and ready to pack
A shy flower vendor displays her wares
Perfect herbs
Iguana some peas?