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Healdsburg's Future Farmers' Fair

A Photo Essay by Jack Burton

In our town of Healdsburg, summer traditionally starts with a classic American parade and the Future Farmers' Fair and Livestock Auctions. The whole community turns out to celebrate our very intimate association with agriculture and the next generation of farmers.

As a way of supporting local agriculture, farm life, and our future farmers, I would like to introduce you to a unique and growing organization that helps to keep farmers on their land, and the land agriculturally productive: California Farmlink.

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A Pretty Cow
"Mystery Guest"
Future Cowboy
Young Ladies Parade Their Cows Past a Spectator in "Cowmouflage"
"Visiting Dignitaries"
The Healdsburg Garden Club Rides Again!
"When you live in a small town, you just have to make your own fun!"